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The Trading Pub



Welcome to the H.O. Beer Car trading Pub.


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This is the place to come if you have been unable to find that "Missing" car for your collection.

How it Works - Becoming a Trader Pub Member ( Free )


Submit a list of beer cars that you are willing to trade to:

2. See the current list limits here. These limits may go up or down depending on the amount of work involved in creating and maintaining these pages. This is the minimum & maximum amount of cars that you may have listed at one time. If the maximum limit goes down, you will NOT have to remove current listings if you are exceeding the new limit.
3. If this is your first submission, please include the following:
Display Name: ( the name that you wish to be known by )
Username: ( to enter the Traders Pub section )
Password: ( to enter the Traders Pub section )
email: The email address that you want on your page:
4. Make sure that you write down your username and password. This is not a "secure" website. The password simply keeps out those that are not collectors and do not have anything to trade. It also helps to prevent advertisers from obtaining your email address.
5. Each member has their own trading page. Upon publication of your page, your username and password will be activated. An email will be sent to you informing you that your membership has been activated, and that you are now a member of the Trading Pub.
6. You may start a trade by sending an email to the person that has a car listed that you wish to obtain. How you resolve the trade is between you and the other party. The H.O. Beer Car Website will not become involved, and will not be responsible for any mis-communication between trading parties.
7. Once a trade is consummated, you should send an email asking that the traded car(s) be removed from your list. Please include your display name, and the catalog number(s) that we assigned, in your email 
8. We will update your page anytime that you have changes that you would like to have made to your list. simply email us with the information. If you are asking for removal of certain listings, please include the assigned catalog number for that listing. Make sure that you include your display name in the email.


1. Your list submissions must contain the following information:. ( If known ) Manufacturer -- Car Name -- Reporting Number -- Condition ...Make sure you have it right. What you send me will be copied and pasted into your list. We don't edit your submissions. See the sample listing at the bottom of this page.
2. We will supply a "Catalog" number for the listing. This will give each car in your listing an easily identifiable unique number.
3. Submitted photographs will be posted with the listing, providing that the submitted photo is the property of the the person listing the car. Submission of a photograph will automatically give permission to the H.O. Beer Car Website to use the photograph in other locations within the website. You may mark your photograph for copyright purposes.
4. Listings shall NOT contain any references as to monetary value or availability of any car. ( No "Rare" or "Hard to find" references )
5. The H.O. Beer Car website will not become involved in, nor will they arbitrate, any disputes arising from trades conducted based on listings in the Traders Pub. Any charges of fraud should be reported to a responsible law enforcement agency(ies) .. ( Please send us a copy of any charges made )
6. The Traders Pub is a private section of this website. The H.O. Beer Car Website reserves the right to remove access to anyone that in their judgment, conducts themselves in a manner which may be detrimental to the other members here, or to the model railroading or collecting community in general.
7. The Traders Pub is for H.O. beer, wine, and whiskey cars .... We will not list anything else. (   Root beer,  ginger beer, and sarsaparilla cars MAY be included. )
8. The purpose of the Traders Pub is to provide a place for H.O. Beer Car collectors to trade excess cars that they own, for cars that they need. It is NOT a place for dealers to sell their cars. If it is found that a member is not serious about trading the cars that they have listed, but is always willing to sell them, then their access to the Traders Pub will be revoked.

Questions should be addressed to

A Sample Listing

Read all of the "Conditions" column carefully so you know what is expected in your descriptions.


John Doe's Beer Cars for Trade

Email johndoe@noplace.gom

Cat. # Production Company Base Manufacturer Set # Manf # Common Name Clic on Pic Additional Markings Car # Conditions of car and box ( If Applicable )
JD1 Main Line Railways Varney   MR-5 Blatz Pic Needed Old Heidelberg URTX 23104 Perfect car .. Perfect box ... From 1944 production
JD2 Athearn Athearn   ?? Blatz Pic Needed Old Heidelberg URTX 23107 Maybe an old Globe car ... Red "Old Heidelberg" in a black stripe ... Screw in coupler pockets ... missing one coupler, otherwise near perfect
JD3 Varney Varney   ?? Mr Boh Pic Needed National  Brewing 1885 This car is absolutely perfect except for the following insignificant details: the wheels are missing ... The couplers are missing ... The roof is missing ... The doors and all of the steps are missing. The decals have flaked off, but I kept the decal flakes in a little jar if you want them ... I tried to weather the car after the decals fell off, but I guess I used the wrong paint can, cause the car is solid black now.  No other problems are visible. Complete with careful packing  in a used kleenex box.
JD4 Hinkenhofen Dinklenoctor   ?? Splat beer Pic Needed Made from the backwaters of the Louisiana bayou UCKY 1234 Brown car with brown lettering and brown decals. Wheels and axles are brown. Has a brown cow on each door. May still be some feathers on inside of car from the time that I tried to give my parakeet a train ride.  He wasn't in the car when the train came out of the tunnel, and I still haven't found him. That was fourty three years ago, and he might be dead now. I keep putting bird feed in the tunnel though, you know, just in case.