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The Superior South Shore



My Cyberspace Railroad


  The Superior South Shore is a 3D computer model railroad created using Microsoft Train Simulator. It is based in Michigan's Upper peninsula, and covers  2/3 of the peninsula in 1ft=1ft scale. It takes 5 actual hours to run a cyber train from the Soo, to the Western terminus just west of Marquette. It loosely follows the tracks of the current Wisconsin Central ( Soo Line ) and the defunct Manistique Railway, which was abandoned in 1910.

Click on the photos to see large pictures

The Superior South Shore route map. All of the trackage shown is installed and operational.   A Soo Line local gravel train passes under a Superior South Shore passenger train 8 miles North of Seney.  

A passenger train is just starting off after waiting for a signal near the southern approach to the Seney interchange



Our first used E8 ( # 205 ) arrives in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, via ship, from Buffalo, New York.

  The ship is coming in to port   A closer shot as she slides in   The cranes are ready for the lift   Here she comes  
  Gently down guys   She's on the rails   Nine days later   A nose shot  


Some interesting pictures along the Superior South Shore

  Some ex SP F units coming into view   They get a little closer   A W.C. gravel train going to Milwaukee   Oh Oh ... A fire in Seney  
  The Green Haven station ..12 miles South of Grand Marais   An empty logging train waits for a hotshot unit train to pass.   An empty unit hopper passes a waiting empty logger.   Looking out on Lake Superior in Grand Marais, Michigan  
  Waiting on the hill for a photo opportunity near Marquette   One cow died in this mishap near Trout Lake   I really thought we could get around him !!   These old tri-colors are no longer used.  


Locomotives along the Superior South Shore

  Five locos -- SSS -- BNSF -- Amtrak -- ATSF -- CN   SSS -- E8A -- # 205   SSS -- E8A -- # 211   SSS -- E8B -- # 231  
  SSS -- E8B -- # 223   SSS -- AC44CW -- # 454   SSS -- AC44CW -- # 458   205 from the front  
  SSS -- F45 -- 312   SSS -- F45 -- 316   SSS -- F45 -- 316   SSS -- F45 -- 316  
  Early Paint & Herald   Early Paint & Herald   Early Paint, Later Herald   Modern Paint & Herald  


Some Passenger cars of the Superior South Shore

  Au Train Lake   Little Lake   Sable Lake   Lounge 4308  
  Viewliner from overhead   Baggage 4207   Coach 4039   The Brown Bear has the green light approaching Seney