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 This page last updated     05/04/2003
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News about Beer Cars and those that produce them ...


News - 05-04-2003

The Greenway page has been updated with ten previously unknown cars courtesy of John Wert.

Photos and additional information on these cars will be forthcoming..

Corrections were also made to the Show Me Lines page.

Two Robert McGlone photos have been added to the Art Griffin page along with one correction.


News - 04-29-2003

The Greenway page has been updated with four new cars.


News - 03-18-2003

Ed Rose has supplied information about a web site for Ye Old Huff N' Puff

Huff N' Puff is also offering the Silver Streak & Main Line Models lines of cars.

All Links have been updated with this information


News - 03-17-2003

The Superior South Shore pictures are now online.


News - 03-14-2003

Availability ratings have been assigned to every car on the Manufacturers side of the site.

Click on the "Rating" header on any Manufacturers page for rating descriptions.


News - 03-10-2003

32 new hi resolution photos have replaced lo rez photos on the Show Me Lines page


News - 03-06-2003

The format of the website has changed .. The frames based system has been eliminated.

Most Java & JavaScript buttons are being eliminated.

A new search engine has been installed.

News - 03-04-2003

Several new pages have been added to both the Manufacturers and Beer Names sides of the website.

The new pages are listed with a white background

The Beer Names side is now over 95% completed.

A page for Rubber Stamp cars has been added, and information on the creators of these cars is needed.

The Traders Pub will suspend operation from April 1st. through October 1st.

News - 02-28-2003

Three new Pages added, all three are part of the Old Frothingslosh Beer story.

Olde Frothingslosh   /   Forest City   /   Rege Cordic

The Greenway page will also be updated with several new cars in the next couple of days.

News - 02-07-2003

Greenway Releases new Ortlieb's car ... See the Greenway page.

The Branchline Premium Miller car ( kit 1221 ) has not yet been released.

The Clover House page now has many new picture additions

News - 12-26-2002

Greenway Releases new Ballantine car ... See the Greenway page


News - 12-23-2002

The Traders Pub starts on Saturday, January 4th, at 6PM EST

Please send me the list of cars that you wish to trade as soon as you can.

If you are new to this website, and want to get in on the ground floor of the Traders Pub,

Just click here and read the requirements. The Traders Pub is seasonal, and it's free.


News 12-21-2002

We have started updating the Beer Names side of the website ...

The Budweiser page is the model for the rest of the pages on the Beer Names side.


News - 12-12-2002

Model Power Purchases Mantua ... Go to this link